How Teledocto Is Empowering Care
Providers and Patients?

Telemedicine App solutions are surpassingly bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers for both emergencies and run-of-the-mill
checkups. This virtual technology is drastically reducing emergency visits, patient admissions and providing a remarkable aid
to remote care management. With the help of Codiant’s comprehensive telehealth software services, you can
establish your own healthcare platform to address your patients’ chronic conditions remotely.



Experience Frictionless Real-Time Patient Assessment from Any Remote Location

telemedicine app features
Video Conferencing

This wonderful app enables Physicians to connect and collaborate with Doctors and entire team of patient care to share latest healthcare expertise and innovative techniques in various treatments.

telemedicine app features
Video Calling

Ultra-high-definition video and crystal-clear audio enables you to enhance video visits and patient monitoring in remote and rural areas all at your comfort level.

Spotlight on Features of Telemedicine App

Online Scheduling
Patients can view and schedule
available appointments.
Store and Forward
Securely store & share medical data,
images and patient histories.
File and Screen Sharing
Share e-prescriptions, medical reports and
files, images on a fly.
image image image telemedicine-app-development
Real-time Messaging
Text chat seamlessly with patients and
Doctors on the go.
Integrated Billing
Multiple payment gateway integration to
ensure seamless payments.
Remote Monitoring
Monitor a patient remotely using various
technological devices. (get it customized)

It’s a wake-up call! Save time, Reduce costs and Increase capacity
by seeing more patients with Teledocto

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