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Posted On: Feb 23, 2024

Top 20 Telehealth Apps of 2024

On-demand telemedicine apps have revolutionized the traditional way of getting healthcare services. These apps bridge the gap between medical facilities and remote areas where healthcare services are unreachable.   

  • Precedence Research states that the global telemedicine and telehealth market revenue was $102.7 billion in 2022.  
  • It is expected to increase to $893.7 billion by 2032.  
  • The market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 24.1% from 2022 to 2032.

There’s no surprise, telehealth apps are available for free to download on app stores. If you’re looking for top telehealth apps, you are at the right place. We’ve got a list of top telehealth apps and their special features and costs to use them.  

1. Doctor on Demand: 

Doctor on Demand is a popular app that provides instant virtual healthcare with board-certified doctors and therapists. 


Available 24/7  

Live video consultation 

Reasonable fee structure 

Behavioral health consultations 


The app is available free of cost. It comes with premium services and consultations varying per session.  

2. Teladoc Health 

Teladoc Health connects patients to licensed doctors for on-demand medical consultations. It has a good collaboration with insurance companies to make things easier for patients to manage. 



Integration with Apple’s health kit 


Video conferencing 


The general visits with insurance will cost $0, but without insurance, the fees may vary.  

3. MDLive 

MDLive is one of the best telemedicine apps that provides virtual care with doctors and physicians for various health needs. It makes health facilities simple, affordable, convenient, and fast. 


Secure access to data 

Connect with local pharmacy stores 

15+ years of experience with doctors 


starts with $0 for a few consultations. Costs may vary depending on the type of preferred consultation.   

4. Amwell  

Amwell app provides online medical services with doctors through video consultation. The app has reduced the patient’s waiting time by 70%, making it the best telemedicine app of 2024.  


Highly secure 

EHR integration 

Telemedicine carts 

Availability of many insurance plans 


Free and premium packages are available.  

5. HealthTap 

HealthTap is an on-demand telemedicine app that provides virtual consultations with experienced doctors for medical advice. This app uses an AI chatbot to provide guidelines, questions, and answers to understand the medical condition better. 


Order lab tests 

Appointment reminders 

Doctor-assisted chatbot 


The app costs $57 for three months and $180 yearly.  

6. Talkspace 

Talkspace offers text, voice, and video therapy sessions with licensed doctors and psychiatrists. 


Unlimited messaging 

Live video appointments 

Therapy plans 


The average therapy session cost is $175-$500 per session.  

7. K Health 

K Health app combines AI-driven reviews with virtual talks to offer personalized healthcare insights. 


Smart AI symptom checker 

reminders and notifications 

On-the-go prescription services 

Appointment Scheduling 


It provides a membership plan for $49 per month.  

8. PlushCare 

PlushCare app is available in 50 states and ranks among the top telehealth apps. It has a team of doctors trained at the top 50 medical schools. 


Same-day appointment 

Prescription delivery 

Insurer, labs, and pharmacy integrations 


It follows a subscription-based model and a yearly fee of $99.  

9. Lemonaid Health 

Lemonaid Health app is a complete telemedicine portal that provides everything from first-step care to delivering prescriptions.  


Free medicine delivery 

Doctor’s review 

Online questionnaire 


Consultation starts at $25 per session and a monthly subscription fee of $95. 

10. Doximity 

Doximity offers a professional network for healthcare professionals and a secure telehealth platform. About 80% of doctors and 50% of nurses have been verified by the platform. 


Secure voice and video calls 

Easy in-app faxing 

Customized caller ID 


Free to use, a premium subscription is also available. 

11. Healow 

Healow app provides patients with virtual visits with healthcare providers and provides secured access to medical records. 


Activity tracking 

Telemedicine appointments 

Health data record 

Medication reminders 


Free to use and download. 

12. Zocdoc 

Zocdoc is a digital telehealth app that provides in-person and virtual care solutions to patients. 


Scan your insurance to find covered doctors 

Search and access local healthcare providers 


Available for free. 

13. Maple 

Maple app offers virtual consultations with Canadian doctors for multiple healthcare needs. 


Video visits 

Prescription services 

Specialist referrals 


For weekdays, the consultation is free. However, for other days fees may vary. 

14. BetterHelp 

BetterHelp is an online therapy platform that connects licensed therapists with patients seeking therapy. 


Meetings in a secure, virtual room 

Low-cost weekly counseling billed every 4 weeks (month) 


 The average cost can range from $100 to $200 a month and $60 per week. 

15. Nurx 

Nurx provides online healthcare services, including prescription delivery for various medications. 


Birth control delivery 

STI testing 

HIV prevention 

LGBTQ+ care 


The app is free, though it charges $15/month depending on prescriptions. 

16. Telehealth by SimplePractice 

Telehealth by SimplePractice is designed for practitioners looking to merge their offline and online practice.  


HIPAA-complaint video calling 

Appointment scheduling 

Client management 


The app costs $10 per doctor every month. However, the subscription starts from $29/month. 

17. Werq 

Werq chat is a doctor-patient interaction platform for simple and cost-effective services. It is a global platform accessible from anywhere in the world. 


Supports texts and referrals 

Send appointment reminders 

Second opinions 


It is a free app. 

18. is a telemedicine app that offers secure and simple video conferencing for healthcare. 


Waiting room feature 

Customizable patient forms 

Highly secured video calls 


Available for free and $29/month to get professional healthcare services. 

19. Mend 

Mend offers virtual care solutions, including video visits and patient engagement tools. 


Patient appointment reminders 

Smart text, email, and phone call scheduling 


It costs $149 for annual access and ranges from $69 to $99 per month plan. 

20. AMC Health App 

AMC Health is a remote patient monitoring app created especially for those wanting to extend care from their homes.  


Track vitals 

Alerts with ease 

Offer voice response 

Upload reports in real-time 


It offers free demos and customized premium plans. 

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